Challenges in Identifying Mental Disorders

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To understand, or not to understand…that is the question. People live fairly normal, adaptive or with mental disorders, it would be a great task to understand thus.

This paper is a short APA formatted reflective essay on my research determining, why abnormal behavior or a mental disorder so difficult to understand.

When discussing or defining what is abnormal we can run into some challenges on our techniques in defining or diagnosing a patient. There are so many ways a person or client or patient can appear normal or not. Misinterpreting this can lead to very unpleasant results.
Definitions of Abnormality
The follow defined terms can have great uses or limitations. The statistical type of definition of abnormality can be seen as a complete version displaying creditability towards truth. An observer can collect data and calculate how common or uncommon a particular behavior is in a particular group. Keep in mind this doesn’t always go on well or correspond well to what people call abnormal. Many rare behaviors, such as collecting old books, stamps or cleaning your house and being very organized are all not considered abnormal.
Statistical abnormality
Functional behaviors or non-functions behavior all have a predisposition about them. Any behavior may be judged or viewed as abnormal. The use of statistically measures can conclude abnormal behavior as unusual in a particular population. As abovementioned this is the most accurate in determining abnormality.
Violation of

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