Challenging Globalisation : Towards A Feminist Understanding Of Resistance Essay

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Marianne Marchand’s article ‘Challenging Globalisation: Towards a Feminist Understanding of Resistance’ was published in a 2003 edition of the Review of International Studies. It represents one of the first attempts within International Relations to elaborate a gendered politics of resistance in relation to Globalisation. For the most part, it offers sound and sophisticated analysis that is conceptually accessible, however, this review will point to some areas where the analysis is somewhat weaker than desired. Marchand’s analysis incorporates real world examples of resistance to globalisation. The paper will also seek to analyse whether the conceptual provisions made within the article are adequate to achieve her stated aims, and indeed if her conceptual apparatus is sound enough to be considered valid. In order to do this, the paper will concentrate its attention to the second, third and fourth sections of her article as this is where the main conceptual discussion takes place. It will through the provision of examples demonstrate that Marchand’s article represents a significant contribution to the field, but one which is ultimately limited by the scope of her explorations. Marchand’s (2003) Challenging Globalisation is structured around five well defined sections, three of which are critical to this review. Her section entitled ‘Gendering the Politics of Resistance’ is where Marchand combs through the body of feminist literature and highlights the salient aspects to

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