Change Management Analysis Essay

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The implicit change model held by the agent is a mix of a Coach and Navigator.

The reasons for the change The pressure for change arose from environmental pressures in the industry. There were slight fashion pressures facing the company. Many companies in the industry were implementing quality programs. There was also the reputation and credibility pressure present.

Internally, there were forces pushing the need for change. The company had been growing at a fast pace, both in terms of revenue, staff, and products. Revenue and profits were growing at a rate of 40% a year for the past three years. As the change program was in the developmental stage, it was documented that the company was incurring one or …show more content…

Not all suppliers resisted the quality control program. One supplier agreed with the need for the change. The supplier felt the program would help raise his company's awareness of quality control and help them identify areas for improvement within their own company. He also felt that it would help them identify customer requirements. This supplier implemented the program almost seamlessly within a week. The program only added an additional half an hour week onto their workload. They realized this change would provide them with more security, money, responsibility, better working conditions, self-satisfaction, better personal contacts, and eventually reduce rework.

Another supplier would always agree that the program was a good idea, but do little until pushed to do so. He was semi-retired and didn't have much motivation to implement changes. One factory thought the change was a good idea and began implementing the process, but the management of the factory did not execute. However, once additional staff from the change agent's organization was hired to do the work for the factory in China, the quality program was implemented via them.

The main supplier displayed the most signs of resistance to change. It appears that this supplier resisted the change for many reasons. This supplier had a lack of conviction that this quality control

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