Change Management And Project Management

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Both surveys determined that the participants had a better and a common understanding the definition and value for change management.
Change management and project management were integrated by 71% of the Prosci study participants on their projects. This ensured higher effectiveness of change management and higher likelihood of meeting project objectives. Communications plan, project plan, training plan and schedules were the most commonly used tools. 79% of participants reported using a particular methodology for change management. This trend has been on the increase since 2003. It was determined that higher levels of effective change management were achieved by using a particular methodology. Providing general guidance and an activity check list were the most commonly used methodologies.
Ineffective change management sponsorship and Resistance to change from employees were attributed as the greatest obstacles to success in the 2013 study by Prosci.
In all eight Prosci studies, active and visible executive sponsorship followed by structured change management approach were attributed as the most important contributor to the success of a project. Two thirds of the participants suggested that they would engage sponsors more efficiently in the project so that they are involved early, active and visible throughout the project. 88% of the Delloite survey participants agreed that extent to which the employees are involved in the implementation of change depends directly on

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