Changes in Bega Cheese Limited

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Bega Cheese Limited is an organisation which through the years of its existence leads the way in structure change in an organisation. Bega Cheese had to change its oganisational framework because of external and internal agents, by changing the organisation has increased it long term sustainability and growth. Bega Cheese Limited had different perspectives of change but management adopted the biological and resources based perspective on the way to change, both had their strengths and weakness. The reason behind the changes in Bega Cheese Limited is because management drew on the nine indicators within the structure processes boundaries
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Bega Cheese Limited now had the structure to move forward but the company had to make a decision on the perspective to change. Bega Cheese implemented the biological and resource based perspective to the structure. The ‘biological perspective involves viewing organisational change as analogous to changes that occur in the natural world‘(Graetz et al. 2011 pp.327). Bega Cheese Limited adopted the biological perspective because they wanted the change to happen naturally and slow because ‘too rapid change will threaten the relationships on which the organisation depends’ as stated by (Olson et al. 2001 pp.60). The company only after many the company decided that the need for change had to be faster as the complexity of its transaction the businesses couldn’t wait for the change to happen naturally so the company also adopted the resource based perspective. The resource based perspective views ‘the acquisition and deployment of resources is the critical activity driving change in an organization’ (Graetz et al. 2011 pp.333). Gottschalk & Petter (2007 pp.24) concludes
‘The essence of the resource based theory of the firm lies in its emphasis on the internal resources available to the firm rather than on the external opportunities and threats dictated by the industry conditions.’ Bega Cheese Limited approach has also been to continue improve productions it’s relied on implementing technology as a change tool for the business. By
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