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Master of Business Administration (MBA) LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY at ESOFT Metro Campus, Sri Lanka Academic Year 2014-15 MN7127ES: Change Management and Consultancy Assessment 1: Individual Report Strategic Change Case Study: GreenHealth-Cranberry1 Merger ABSTARCT This report contains the analysis of the case study of merger process of two UK based parasitical companies, GreenHealth and Cranberry. This report discuss deep inside analysis of two companies during the pre-merger stage and post-merger stage. Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope model, Jonson’s Cultural Web Model and Kotter’s Change Steps has consider for this analysis. Contents 1.0 Introduction: 4 2.0 Case Study Analysis…show more content…
Cranberry is a cash rich company employee count is similar to GreenHealth. According to the case study both companies are in the merger process. During the process there are significant changers applied to the both companies. In this report pre and post-merger processes ware analyzed mainly using following change management theories and models, I. Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope model.(Green, 2007) II. Jonson’s Cultural Web Model. (Johnson, 1992) III. Kotter’s Change Steps. (Kotter, 2007) 2. Case Study Analysis 3.1. Strategic change context in January 2012, at the start of the merger process. Figure 1: Illustration of Hope Hailey & Balogun’s change kaleidoscope model (Balogun & Hailey, 2008) Hope Hailey & Balogun’s change kaleidoscope model was introduced to help managers design a context sensitive approach to change within their organization. The outer ring that relates to the broader organizational strategic change context. The middle ring that shows the more specific contextual features of the changing situation. The inner ring that contains the menu of implementation options open to change agents. Clear understanding of the contextual features helps change agents to approach for their particular context. (Hailey & Balogun, 2002) Following is an analysis of both GreenHealth and Cranberry company’s strategic change at the beginning of merger in

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