Changing American Ethics in Shattered Glass and A Whole Lot of Cheatin’ Going on by Mark Clayton

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The dictionary defines ethics as the “ pertaining or dealing with morals or the principals of morality: pertaining to right and wrong in conduct”. On the other hand, moral is defined as the “principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. It defines how things should work according to an individuals' ideals and principles”. The world people live in today does not match the world ourm ancestors lived in a century ago. Back then it seemed that truth, integrity and commitment were the bases of people lives and the running of businesses. In today’s world, the ethics and morals people used to lead by seemed to have vanished. No one can walk out with his or her eyes closed anymore. Everywhere one turns, they seem to be hit with the wave of deception, fraud, violence, pain suffering. What has the world today become? At this very moment there are parents out there, telling their kids to “trust no one but themselves”. What happened to the stories told by parents about their lifestyles in the 70’s? Where walking to school had no stress on parents. Where hiring employees did not come with a whole intense life scan and documentation.

It’s been more than a century that the world has marveled at the American work ethic and American productivity, but how long can this last?. America seems to have been hit by a massive tsunami, which threatens to cripple the nation. The tsunami caused by greed corruption, fraud and deceit of people everyday. The world we live in today will

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