Chaos And Confusion Of The Asb Speech

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Chaos to Unity
“Is everyone here? Can we finally start? We’re two minutes late!”
“Miss President, calm down! The ASB advisor isn’t even here.”
The ultimate chaos and confusion of the ASB could be seen by observing the first weekly meeting that took place on a Friday afternoon after a tiring day of arduous classes. The medium-sized, stuffy room in which meetings were held did not aid in enlivening the snoozing council and the burned-out cabinet. Usually, everyone arrived late, the tardiest being the ASB advisor, who was incessantly typing things that even he couldn’t make sense of. Two sisters, Briann and Mickey Shue, also arrived late and threw themselves on the ‘70s style couch in the back of the room, where Briann dozed off. Daniel, “the …show more content…

As secretary, I was given the task to troubleshoot the lack of participation and share the results with the rest of the cabinet; after analyzing the information, we decided to better promote our group by emailing students and distributing flyers to advertise our upcoming events. We also decided to conduct fundraisers more frequently in order to excite the rest of the high schoolers. Therefore, by applying these tactics, the ASB planned to resonate its purpose throughout the school and attract passionate high schoolers to contribute, despite foreseen numerous disagreements to be encountered along the way. We were so close to unification.
It was a month since this meeting when our ASB President, Vice President, Activities Coordinator, and I huddled in front of the Eisenhower Nursing Home, gently rubbing our hands against each other as the biting cold sought to subdue it. We squinted as the raindrops trickled over our think coats, our eyes attentively seeking the arrival of any high schooler we had contacted. I sniffled my nose as I felt my already present virus doubling in triumph.
“Kayla, I emailed at least ten people to come and join us,” I assured our president as she inquired who was to come. “But they must have forgotten or didn’t receive my email. It’s a pity Briann and Mickey should have a recital to go to. I’ve heard they have really great voices and could

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