Chaos in Ukraine

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War, chaos, depression, and corruption are some of the words to describe the chaos in Ukraine. Since the 3 billion Eurobond lent to Ukraine by Russia weren’t paid off the money, revolution was sparked within the citizens of Ukraine and slowly erupting into something many people fear will start another catastrophic event in Europe. Even with the strong support of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Ukraine has but only two options, to move to E.U. or to move to the support of Russia, and the citizens are divided in half, the east and west, one side wanting to merge with Russia and the other wanting to merge with E.U.. And with Russia already annexing Crimea, which is located below Ukraine and Russia has tens of thousands troops lined up on the border and NATO not knowing what they should do, Ukraine is up in flames. Also with the president of Ukraine Yanokovych leaving and rejecting office unofficially to escape, leaving the balance of Ukraine in the hand of new president Oleksandr Twrchynov in charge of the disaster of what is now leading to an official civil war. The question is who is going to take action and when? NATO wanting to prevent a potential World War really doesn’t have any idea what they should do. And what does Russia even want from Ukraine? E.U. is trying to do everything possible to not take action, but from news reporters perspectives, these events could also relate to 1939 when Hitler took over all these nations and said the reason was that he
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