Essay on Chapter 10 Case Study

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Alicia Dukes Starling Case Study CH 10 March 21, 2013 Case Study CH 10: Invincibility Systems #1 Invincibility Systems has taken extreme action in their Human Resource planning and recruiting. They have taken into account lots of important characteristics needed in a successful employee/business. They get very specific and study individual employees. For example, they study not only if a turnover will rise or fall, but also which employees are most likely to leave. Employees with Invincibility typically fill highly specialized and highly skilled roles. If an engineer with a highly skilled job retires, someone just as capable will need to be there for back up to take his spot. Some things not mentioned in the case that…show more content…
Some questions a company should ask itself are: What jobs will we need in the future? What new jobs will be required? Do our present employees have the required skills to keep up in the future? Succession Planning is the process whereby company leaders and human resource professionals identify key positions within the company and develop plans to fill external staff; it prepares internal staff to step into positions that may become vacant. So basically this goes hand-in-hand with gap analysis, just looking toward the future. #2 The data analysis of Invincibility systems may bring up many legal issues and concerns due to the fact that it can cause opinions to be extremely biased. All of this research and analysis that is done is merely a general statistic once it’s all said and done; therefore it does not necessarily hold true in all cases. For example in the case on page 391 it states “Turnover rates are higher among unmarried and recently hired employees (who tend to be younger)”. Using this generalized statement, a manager could choose not to hire someone if they fall under one of these 2 demographics. So, these analysis’ can be somewhat prejudice since they are merely a generalization. The only way the company can address these issues is with intellect and honesty. Their data analysis is typically very efficient and obviously helps them recruit the highest level employees. If an applicant feels like they
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