Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. As an exporter, according to the opening case, which of these is a key problem for Megahertz Communications? A. Credibility of foreign governments B. Financing C. Substandard products for foreign markets D. Language E. Country specific technical standards 2. In the United States, what percent of firms export, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration? A. Nearly 98 percent B. About 23 percent C. Less than 2 percent D. A little under 50 percent E. Over 50 percent 3. Large firms generally tend to be ______________ about seeking opportunities for profitable exporting, whereas medium-sized and small firms are ____________. A.…show more content…
A. market leader. B. economy where exports played a major role C. economy built on countertrade D. self-contained economy E. example of the world 's most successful exporting nations 15. Which of these countries is considered as one of the World 's most successful exporting nation? A. Australia B. The Philippines C. Germany D. The U.K. E. Canada 16. Great trading houses in Japan are called: A. kaizen. B. sogo shosha. C. MITI. D. guanxi. E. keiratsu. 17. Unlike their German and Japanese competitors, Canadian firms are still somewhat ____________ when they seek export opportunities. A. information disadvantaged B. money strapped C. regulation-bound D. much better prepared E. overly cautious 18. For Canadian firms, one of the most comprehensive sources of export opportunities information is/are the: A. Trade Commissioners. B. the United Nations. C. Team Canada. D. foreign embassies. E. Industry Canada. 19. International Trade Centres also promote international trade through what? A. the United Nations B. EMC C. Trade Commissioners D. Team Canada E. FITT 20. Completion of FITT 's eight training modules leads to the _____ designation: A. DFAIT B. ITC C. CFIT D. FITT E. CITP 21. The Department of Foreign Affairs provides the potential exporter with all of these services except: A. market reports B. trade strategies C. cultural reports D. virtual trade commissioner E. international trade logistics 22. ____________ are
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