Chapter 22 Exile in Dapitan

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CHAPTER 22 EXILE IN DAPITAN(1892-1895) Rizal lived in dapitan, a remote town in Mindanao which was under the missionary jurisdiction of Jesuits from 1893 to 1896. He practiced medicine, pursued scientific studies, continued his artistic and literary works, widened his knowledge of languages, and established a school for boys, promoted etc.
BEGINNING OF EXILE IN DAPITAN Rizal did not agree with the conditions given by Father Superior Pastells to Father Obach. He lived in the house of the commandant, Captain Carnicero. Rizal admired Carnicero and wrote a poem, A Don Ricardo Carnicero on August 26, 1892.
WINS IN MANILA LOTTERY Mail boat Butuan came on September 21, 1892 who brought lottery ticket no. 9736 , jointly owned by Captain
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Mr. H.F. Cameron was one of those who praised Rizal
COMMUNITY PROJECTS FOR DAPITAN Rizal spent P500.00 to equip lighting system consisted of coconut oil lamps placed in dark streets of Dapitan. Beautification of Dapitan with the help of Father Sanchez was done by remodelling the town plaza.
RIZAL AS A TEACHER Rizal planned to establish a modern college in Hong Kong for Filipino boys so that he could train them in modern edagogical concepts. In 1893, he established a school which existed until the end of his exile in July, 1896. It began with 3 pupils then increased to 16 and later to 21. He said that this pupils did not pay any tuition instead he made them work in his garden, fields, and construction projects in the community. He taught his boys reading, writing, languages, geography, historyy, mathematics, industrial work, nature study, morals, and gymnastics. He trained them how to collect speciments of plants and animals, to love work, and to “behave like men”.
HYMN TO TALISAY Rizal had written a poem entitled “Himno A Talisay” for his pupils to sing.
CONTRIBUTIONS TO SCIENCE Rizal had contributed in the collection of concology (36 shells representing 203 species). Some of the rare species he discovered were Praco rizali (flying Dragon), Apologia rizali (a small beetle), Rhacophorus rizali (a rare frog). He also conducted anthropological, ethnographical,

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