Chapter 4 Case 1 E-Commerce Schneider Essay

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Ch 4 Case #1
Banner ads are small rectangular advertisements that when clicked upon will take you to the advertiser’s Web site. They vary in appearances and generally advertisers will try to be creative. Banner ads allow business to not only inform the viewer, but also to create interest. Oxfam decided against using banner ads in their advertising campaign for their relief work in Sedan for Ugandan refugees. They relied solely on email advertising; which ended up generating high revenue. Although this method was effective, I think they also could have done banner ads as well. Oxfam could have had showed pictures of the refugees as long with an enticing message to gather awareness for their cause. Although this might not generate as much …show more content…

The second email contained a video that played automatically upon opening the email. This was clever to have the video play when the email was opened, because the number of people who watched the video would have been significantly lower. The third email contained an audio recording in which Oxfam’s executive director made a plea for the cause. The first email also contained plain text explaining what the situation was and how the reader could help deliver clean water to those in the camps. The second one did not contain plain text, but the third one did and explained aid items that could be provided with the given monetary amount. By including a brief synopsis in the first and explaining that they needed clean water this was a clear way to show the reader how they needed help. The second email did not need plain text because it was a video and could get the message across that way. The third email provided more details because by that point they hoped that by showing specific amounts more people would be willing to pay that amount and know what they were providing.
It would be incorrect to assume that the sequence of formats used in the e-mail messages was related to the increase in donations over the six weeks of the campaign. The emails were not the only way that they were contacting supporters. The supporters without email addresses were sent letters, and they also ran ads in two newspapers. There is no way to see when these people decided to donate and thus it

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