Chapter 4, Linux Questions Essay

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1. The system displays the following message when you attempt to log in with an incorrect username or an incorrect password: Login incorrect a. This message does not indicate whether your username, your password, or both are invalid. Why does it not reveal this information? Answer: It is a strategy meant to discourage unauthorized people from guessing names and passwords to gain access to the system. b. Why does the system wait for a couple of seconds to respond after you supply an incorrect username or password? Answer: To help stop a brute force attack from cracking the system security features. 2. Give three examples of poor password choices. What is wrong with each? Doctor4 = word in the dictionary can be easily found and…show more content…
Describe three ways to: a. Change the size of a window Answer: Position the mouse pointer on the side or corner of the window (the pointer turns into an arrow) and drag. Right-click the window’s title bar, select Resize, move the mouse until the window is the size you want, and click. Click the maximize button on the titlebar, or select Maximize from the right-click title bar menu. b. Delete a window Answer: Click the close window button on the title bar, or select Close from the right-click title bar menu. You can also delete a window from the panel’s Window List menu. Terminating the program that is running in the window also closes the window. Try giving an exit command from a terminal emulator window. 9. What are the functions of a Window Operation menu? Answer: Contains operations that you most commonly need to perform on any window. How do you display this menu? 10. What is a panel? Name a few objects on the panel and explain what you can use them for. What do the Workspace Switcher applet and the Window List applet do? Answer: It is the strip at the bottom of the screen like the task bar in Windows Blue and orange globe = starts Firefox, envelope starts Evolution; the objects start applications and programs Workspace Switcher applet is the rectangular shapes at the bottom right of the desktop, they identify the different workspaces and highlight which one is in current use / Window List applet appears at the bottom of the panel – left
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