Character Analysis Of Eddie 's Clothing Choice

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Eddie’s clothing choice had changed very little when she stopped down at my office building. I asked her more than once that she didn’t have to wait outside. She told me not to give it another thought, but I could tell something was bothering her. The next day I waited in the shadows out of sight of everyone in the large atrium of my building and walked out and placed my hand on the shoulder of the head of my security and asked him who in the hell told him that Eddie wasn’t allowed into my building? I made a call into my little brother and he explains that it was all a misunderstanding. The head of security was sent to another one of my buildings instead of being kicked out of a job all because of Eddie. One of my favorite restaurants somehow had changed their dress code, but I asked to speak with the owner and he was surprised that anyone would prevent me from dinning in his establishment. This was especially true when he spoke strongly to his people that I was the silent partner who kept him in business when the bank wanted to foreclose on him. Not only did I payoff the deed, I had also brought the entire building. Of course my little brother said apologetically that he had just made a comment he had overheard said from someone else and had no idea the people who worked in that restaurant overheard his conversation. Him saying that I should never eat at a place that had people who had no propriety of keeping their customers conversation private. When I met
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