Character Analysis: The Brady Bunch

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The Brady Bunch is a Television show that is full of adventures and it all starts when two widowed people with children of their own decide to get married. Carol is the Mother of the family and mike is the father. Carol has three daughters by the name of, Marcia Brady the eldest, Jan Brady the middle child and Cindy the youngest. Mike has children of his own also the eldest is Greg Brady, the middle is Peter Brady and the youngest is Bobby Brady. This 70’s T.V show became one of the most lovable family to tune in and watch. Although it is known for being over dramatic and corny it has become very popular and is still has a spot on T.V shows in the 21st century. The Characters of this show dressed in a very different way the fashion in the 70’s …show more content…

The show was launched on February 23, 2009. Jay Pritchett sits at the head of a large and unique family full of drama, love, and compassion with good times and not so good. Jay is now in his second marriage. He marries a young beautiful woman. By the name of Gloria she has a 12 year old son whose name is Manny. There are many misunderstandings and culture crashes between them. But also “sweet victories”. Jay has a grown daughter Claire who is married to Phil. They have three children Haley who is the eldest although they try to have an open trustworthy relationship with their children it is not always easy. This is because Haley is growing up a little too fast and her love life is humorous at times. There middle child is Alex she is way smart. Then there is the youngest who is all over the place Luke. Jay’s Son Mitchell also Claire’s brother is busy with life raising his adopted daughter Lily with his partner Cameron. As they have a very different personality these men try their best to keep family close and solve issues with love. The fashion in this show is very diverse everyone has their own way of dressing it all depends on their personality. Although it is nothing like the 70’s show The Brady bunch it shows that people have always been able to express themselves in color and pattern. The role of men in modern family is very different than in the Brady Bunch this is because Modern family Bring out the new culture and

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