Character Analysis : Wonder Woman

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Power, strength, courage, wonder. All four are intense words on their own and they all have something in common. Those words were used to market Warner Brothers’ new movie Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman as a character has had very little media made because in our society, when we hear about comics or heroes, we think of men. Due to that fact, companies will produce movies and merchandise for male heroes because they know they sell well due to being well known. That was the case for Wonder Woman until 2017, when she had her own movie released about her, this movie proved that not only did female protagonist movies sell, but they also do astounding in the box office. According to Variety magazine, Wonder Woman made a whopping 103.1 million in the opening weekend box office. The marketing used by Warner Brothers’ as well as Wonder Woman’s history create a strong, progressive, female role model that demonstrates both power and femininity being able to coexist peacefully. Warner Brothers used a series of posters featuring Wonder Woman along with an inspirational word below her. One of the posters used had Gal Gadot on the cover, with her arms crossed in front of her face with the word “Power”. This poster had a feminine touch with ow graceful and beautiful Gadot is as Wonder Woman, with intense eyes and an outfit that fits her body nicely. By doing this it fits into the traditional “feminine beauty” standards that society widely accepts. It also uses the word power, typically

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