Characteristics Of A Community

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What makes a community a good place to live? Is there a person or people that help lead that community? Would people that are involved in activities help the community more? Is there some qualities that a person could have that makes a community better? These questions are all great questions to ask when you are evaluating if a person has the ability to enrich a community. I believe that I have many qualities that will make me a great asset to the Whitewater community. I have great leadership skills, I am involved in many school groups, and I have a caring and helpful type of personality. The community would benefit greatly from me because of all the great qualities that I have. The qualities that I have will impact the Whitewater community when I am at college and even after I have graduated. I will be able to work alongside others and make the community even better.

There is an old saying that goes, “The best indicator of future success is past performance.” Past performances can be many different things including: doing good in school, being in many school groups, and leadership roles. In high school I have done many leadership roles. A key staple for helping enrich a community is leadership. I believe leadership is a key staple to enrich a community because if there were no leadership there will be no one to follow. In high school I have been practicing my leadership skills. I have been leading from Sunday School teacher all the way to being a National Honor
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