Characteristics Of A Good Movie

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What makes a good film?

Choosing my top ten favorite films was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done. How did I narrow it down? I thought what movies could I watch for the rest of my life. What makes a good movie? Well, for one the script has to be good. If the storyline isn’t good, but the acting and effects are good; its still a bad movie. Its like having a slice of pizza that was cooked and dressed perfectly but the pepperoni and cheese are expired; it doesn’t sound to appealing. A good story has seven elements. Number one being the purpose of the story, whether it be informative, persuasive, etc. Then there has to be a three dimensional character that changes over time. After a story has established a point and main character there needs to be a quest, conflict, or task that is out of reach for them to pursue. Now we need an antagonist that’s hell bent on stopping the hero of the story. At this point, the protagonist is changing for the worst or growing for the better. Finally we come to big conflict scene were the truth comes out; the big fight scene, or the part that displays the growth of main character. In my opinion, a movie that displays this well is Enough. The movie Enough is about a waitress, Slim, that marries a wealthy contractor named Mitch. He seems like the perfect man who gives her everything she wants; a nice life in the suburbs and a family. Then he starts abusing her and she takes their kid and flees. The race against time

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