Characteristics Of A Neo Humanist Method

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Globalization is causing a lot of changes in the human life style. It has changed a whole lot of things in the world and education is also one of them. Globalization has opened a lot of new doors for the world to come at the same stage and exchange the ideas. It has a lot of opportunity when it comes to regional and cultural renewal because the community looks for an identity at local as well as the global level. The intellectual and organisational structures to develop learning cultures are offered by the sustainable educational practices. These structures are sensitive to both types of learning’s be it at the local level needs of the people or at the macro level of development in human society. These structures help in defining and developing ways to improve on both the levels and thus help in an overall holistic development of the society and show us a way to our bright future.
A neo-humanist method can be used to rethink the educational processes that would link sustainability to the learning and education. A sustainable vision related to human education can help in obtaining the long term goals of the development. A global network is developing and to cater to the needs of the future business, we require an education system that is based on a good sustainable model. This will lead to the uniformity of the education level at different positions. The business in future is not limited by the physical boundaries as we are already seeing a boom in the

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