Characteristics Of An Effective Teacher

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education as simply crafting or decorating the classroom door. I did not consider its pedagogical aspect, and therefore I did not speak about creativity in my Effective Teacher Baseline; however, I now understand its role outside of physical creation and within teaching itself. In the following analysis of the personal qualities of an effective teacher, I define personal qualities as traits one is born with and has no control over, unlike the professional qualities that can be learned or developed. In this regard, I firmly believe the best teachers are born with certain abilities—destined to lead and inspire classrooms of students for generations. The best teachers are those that feel they are called to educate and answer this call, at which point they develop the various professional qualities needed to do the job right. This is not to say that I believe the profession of teaching is exclusive to a certain type of person—rather, I am saying the most effective teachers all express certain characteristics that cannot be learned: they are instinctive; therefore, I define personal qualities as something one cannot develop—they are innate, natural characteristics. Though some educators get away with not expressing these qualities, personal traits are equally as important to the field of teaching as professional traits. I divide these personal characteristics into two groups: those that revolve around caring, and those that involve respect. Some would argue the two words mean
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