Characteristics Of Odysseus

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The epic poem The Odyssey is one of the most famous works of ancient civilization. It revolves around the aftermath of the events of the Trojan war. The long lost hero of the story, Odysseyus, becomes trapped on an island by a seducive goddess who wishes to keep him for eternity, promising him immortality and godlike statuere. He manages to escape the island and so begins the brutal journey back to Ithaca. Throughout His journey, Odysseus exhibits traits of a bravery and nobility, which paves the way for His great homecoming and the banishment of his unwanted guest. One of Odysseus’ prevailing traits is his determination and vast willpower to overcome the odds placed against him on his journey back to his homeland. While his men all fell to the harsh journey, Odyessus’ godlike willpower allowed him to return home to his Wife and Son and take on the suitors head on. If Odysseus did not possess these qualities, He would of most likely surrendered to his environment and fallen before he arrived to Ithacaa. Odyseeus’ men even remark on his godlike perseverance, stating '"You are a hard man, Odysseus. Your force is greater, your limbs never wear out. You must be made all of iron, when you will not let your companions, worn with hard work and wanting sleep, set foot on this land, where if we did, on the seagirt island we could once more make ready a greedy dinner; but you force us to blunder along just as we are through the running night, driven from the island over the misty

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