Characteristics Of Science Fiction

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Comparative essay of the science fiction genre.
Media GCSE- Jeanine Ros.

Science fiction is a genre tracing back to the 2nd century, but the main science fiction terms became famous in the 1920’s. Found mainly in films and literature, it has developed to be a very popular genre to watch and read. Science fiction exists of imaginative content such as futuristic settings, science and technology, space, time and faster than light travel, parallel universes and extra-terrestrial life. Popular movie releases of 2014 within science fiction are Guardians of the Galaxy, The Maze Runner, Interstellar, Divergent and many more. The demographics for Sci-Fi would be predominantly male due to the uses and gratifications that are offered by it. The male gender can personally identify themselves better in a sci-fi movie than a female, as sci-fi has a lot of technology which can be related with a male protagonists. They can also put themselves in the position of being the typical science fiction character trying to either destroy or save the word as their characteristics would relate.My main text to
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robotic which is very conventional to science fiction, and it uses modern technology which doesn't exist in contemporary life- implying it is set in the future- which is key for identifying the science fiction genre. On the contrary, Paul incorporates one alien, while the rest of the characters are humans living their normal lives. The only other convention seen in the movie is a large spaceship as well as present-day weaponry, which isn't easily comprable with the amount of conventions seen in Tron. However, The Maze Runner is more correspondent with the science fiction conventions of Tron due to the modern material and mechanics. none the less it does revolve around humans and their journey to survive in the
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