Characteristics Over The Change Of Code Function Paper

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Malik et al. investigated the impact of different characteristics over the change of code comments. They investigated the likelihood of both header and non-header comment changes over time using Random Forest algorithm [1]. In contrast to their work, we implemented our approach using Regression model and Bootstrap validation technique to perform more comprehensive analysis on the metrics which influence the code change. In their study a variety of metrics are used to predict the likelihood of a comment being updated. The metrics are grouped into three dimensions: characteristics of the changed function, characteristics of the change and change time and code-ownership characteristics. A. Characteristics of the Changed Function The rationale …show more content…

5) Number of outer comments: It explains the main objective or purpose of the function optionally with details about the parameters and return value rather than explaining the inner logic of the function and its placed just before the function starts. 6) Has inner comments, Has outer comments, Has comments: These metrics are just the binary version of the above ones. 7) Number of parameters: It represents the complexity in using the function which may also relate to comment change, if the function is changed. 8) Number of string literals: The number of constant string literals in the function is an indicator of functions that are likely interacting with the user or with the environment. Changes to such functions are likely to require updating the comments since the changes may lead to changes in the interaction of the software system with its surrounding environment. B. Characteristics of the Change 1) Number of Changed Dependency: It should have an importance in updating comments, specially the inner comments. Usually a dependency call should have an inner comment associated with it. So change in dependency should have an impact on the change of inner comments as well. 2) Number of Changed Control Statement: It reflects the change in control flow of that function. So whenever the control flow is changed the comments should be

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