Charles Darwin 's ' Principles Of Geology

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Charles Darwin made observations while on a voyage with Captain Robert FitzRoy, who was preparing a ship for a trip around the world. This trip would have a profound effect on Darwin’s thinking. Darwin spent a lot of time collecting specimen fossils along the coast of South America. This is when he started to notice a difference in species. Although the fossils that he collected had some resemblance to the current species there were some differences. This led to Darwin to believe that all species on the island came from one ancestral species. While on his voyage he became intrigued by geologist Charles Lyell. Lyell had published a book titled, “Principles of Geology,” which talked about how the Earth has changed due to a gradual geologic process. Darwin had witnessed an earthquake and how it had raised part of the coastline. This caused him to realize that natural forces changed the Earth and will continue to change it. He returned to Great Britain five years after he first set sail. His experiences and readings had him questioning how old the world really was. Lyell and other geologist stated that the Earth was around one million years old and still changing. Darwin figured that this would explain why the changes of species and the Earth were gradual. In 1840 Darwin had wrote an essay about his theory of evolution. He did not publish it right away because he knew it would cause a social uproar. Alfred Wallace, a British naturalist, in the mid 1850’s developed ideas
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