Charles Wright Mills : The Sociological Imagination

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Charles Wright Mills was an American Sociologist whom introduced the model of analysis known as the Sociological Imagination. This model allows us to imagine a connection between our own personal troubles, and larger public issues. In our text, You May Ask Yourself, Dalton Conley gives the example of marriage and divorce (Conley, 2015. Ch. 1). A couple may experience personal troubles; but when nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, maybe the reason for their divorce was inevitable, and instead related to the institution of marriage in their society. One would be surprised to discover that many of our own personal troubles could fit into this idea of sociological imagination. When you take an adolescent female into
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He had me moved to Florida, to live with my Aunt in Wesley Chapel. Much like the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” my father was afraid that I would acquaint myself with the wrong crowd, end up either in jail or overdosed on drugs; and thus had me moved to a predominantly white, upper class neighborhood. My father had seen many of his friends, as well as his wife (and my mother), associate themselves with people who made bad decisions, and thus made bad decisions themselves. He connected my own personal biography, to those he had seen before, and chose to rescue me from it. If I had not left Baltimore, I might have developed a drug addiction, have gotten involved in petty crime, or might have relied on welfare, much as I have seen transpire to my peers. Fortunately, my move to Wesley Chapel led me to the life and blessings I have today. I attended a High School with a 92% graduation rate (College Board 2015), in a predominantly white, upper-class neighborhood, surrounded by friends that have gone on to get their masters degree, as well as myself: who spent four years in the military before pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse at Galen College of Nursing. Instead of falling to the unfortunate fate that many tend to do in Baltimore, I rose to my achievements in Wesley Chapel, like those around me.

Sociological Imagination
Another way in which C.W.
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