Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Film Analysis

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Cinematic techniques help a movie become more entertaining therefore everyone uses them. Different elements can create different moods. Directors all have unique styles of making movies. Tim Burton uses lighting and different angles to contrast fantasy with reality and show the strength of different characters.

Burton uses lighting to show fantasy and reality in his movies. In the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory high key lighting represents fantasy. The lighting is used in Willy Wonka’s factory showing that it is every kid’s dream to visit it. Although it is his fantasy, Charlie knows that a fantasy is all it ever will be. To represent this lowkey lighting is used in Charlie’s home to show that the reality of his life is there living in poverty. This pattern continues in the cult classic Edward Scissorhands. The town that Edward is welcomed into is in high lighting to signify that it is the life that he never had. He wants to be accepted and loved and this is the place that his wish comes true. Unfortunately, we know that his fantasy is unrealistic and there is no way he can live normally. His sad life he must live is inside an empty mansion which is shot in low lighting signifying the lonely reality of his home.

Lighting gives you an idea of what is real and what is only a fantasy. Lighting is crucial to indicate the mood of a movie. High-key lighting shows cheer and happiness. On the other hand, Burton displays sinister and spooky images with low-key lighting. Mr.
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