Charlie In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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The main characters in The Perks of Being a Wallflower are Charlie, Mr. Anderson, Patrick, Sam, and Brad. Charlie is a young and awkward high school student who has mental issues and he is seen by others as a freak. Charlie is also the protagonist throughout the story and his mission is to survive high school and maybe make friends in the process. Society is the antagonist in the novel. Charlie’s social awkwardness causes him to be lonely and labeled as a freak by society, and his awkwardness also keeps him from achieving his goal of making friends. Charlie is a very round and dynamic character because in the beginning of the book he is a loner and innocent, but by the end, he is more grown up and exposed to adulthood and has two very close friends. Another main character in the book is Mr. Anderson who is Charlie's English…show more content…
He is a homosexual senior and a class clown. Patrick really introduces Charlie to the adult world after they meet at a football game. Patrick is more of a flat and static character because he does not change much throughout the book, but once again he is another character that changes Charlie. Sam is yet another main character in the novel and is another close friend Charlie makes throughout the book. Sam is a static and flat character because she does not go through a drastic change in the book, but once again causes a major change in Charlie. One last main character in The Perks of Being a Wallflower is Brad. Brad is the quarterback of the football team and is also a closeted gay secretly dating Patrick. He is a flat and static character because he does not change his ways or drastically change through the book. The setting in the book is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the suburbs. The time period in which the novel takes place is in the early 1990’s. Some specific settings throughout the book are Charlie’s school, his house, and various friends
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