Chat Noir And Ladybug Essay

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Let me break it down for you. Our two main characters are stuck in what could be called a love square. As you watch “Miraculous: The Tales of Chat Noir and Ladybug”, you slowly get sucked into four different types of ships. The reason for that is since they show different sides of their personality when they are in their superhero get up. Since you are the viewer, you can see that they are the same person, but the characters don’t know that… yet. So their are different ships based on different interactions between those main characters. I will thoroughly explained the four ships to you which are Adrienette, LadyNior, Ladrien, and Marichat. Beginning with the first ship you see on seen is Adrienette, which is both main characters as civilians. As they were before they received their miraculouses and kwamis, Adrien and Marinette. This is mostly filled with Marinette becoming very nervous around…show more content…
Which is basically Chat Noir flirting up a storm and making bad puns towards Ladybug who replies in turn with sassy and sometimes flirty comebacks. Chat Noir is completely in love with Ladybug from the first time he meets her, but she constantly turns down his advances because she is in love with Adrien. See where this gets a bit frustrating? Ladybug also mentioned if Adrien was not in the picture, she might have given Chat a chance This is what I believe is the main or default ship name in “Miraculous: The Tales of Chat Noir and Ladybug”. Some people do not want to use four different ship names for two people, so they use this one to references both the superhero and civilian pairings. Ladybug and Adrien, or known as Ladrien isn’t really seen much in the first season of ladybug. Yet, there are instances that they do happen such as in “The Pharaoh” episode. Where Ladybug and Adrien notice each other and for a split second you can see the chemistry and then it is broken by a window
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