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Cheesecake Factory Inc was incorporated in Delaware on February 1992. The Company operates
161 upscale, casual, full-service dining restaurants under The Cheesecake Factory(r), Grand Lux
Cafe(r) and RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen(r) marks. It operates two bakery production facilities hat produce baked desserts and other products for its restaurants and for other foodservice operators, retailers and distributors. It also licenses two bakery cafes under The Cheesecake
Factory Bakery Cafe(r) mark to another foodservice operator. The Company operates in two business segments, restaurants and bakery. Restaurants consist of The
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I believe that one of the main reasons why this restaurant is so successful is the fact that people who eat here enjoy the unique environment and want to come back. The design at all Cheesecake Factories is very elegant and the architecture at each restaurant is more developed and fancy. People often come back for more because, even though they know the prices are slightly higher than at other restaurants, the meal sizes are bigger and of a better quality. The Cheesecake Factory takes pride in being known for giving their customers large portions of food which is why many of them take the leftovers back home with them all the time.
One of the strength is the common knowledge of cheesecakes. When people think of
Cheesecake Factory the number one thing that comes to their minds is the cheesecake. There are so many different kinds of cheesecakes and with this amount of varieties to choose from, it definitely is one of the most significant strengths that the Cheesecake Factory has. I believe that
The Cheesecake Factory should take an advantage of this strength and start selling all the kinds of cheesecake they make to stores around the country. This will be a way to over come the weakness of advertising. If they sell in stores, and even other places they will also be advertising at the same time. They have so many different types to market for everyone. They can make an oven baked version

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