Chelsea Case Study

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Ever thought about the risk that many families and friends take just by living in a house? That risk is fire. According to the State of Alabama Fire Marshal's Office last year in Alabama there were 100+ deaths caused by fires. A problem in Chelsea is that all of the fire hydrants have been painted blue! Most fires occur at night, and blue blends in very well with night, making hydrants hard to see, and when there is fire, seconds matter. By seeing a fire hydrant, only seconds before the firefighters did, many of those 100+ lives could have been saved. However, if volunteers paint the fire hydrants yellow, hydrants would be much easier to see. A large problem in Chelsea is the fire hydrants color; volunteers will paint the fire hydrants yellow…show more content…
this number was found by calculating an estimated 250 fire hydrants in Chelsea, and multiplying 250 by $114.07 (the cost to paint one hydrant), I researched this using: This money will be raised by a Metallica concert at regions field in Birmingham, Al. Metallica makes about $4,000,000 a show. So if Chelsea even got only an eighth of the prophet Chelsea would get $500,000, and if regions field charges $250,000, Chelsea would be left with $250,000. This is more than enough money, and the rest of it would go to charity. Fire hydrants have been painted blue, volunteers will paint the hydrants yellow, and it will cost about $28K. Many fire hydrants in Chelsea have been painted blue, which makes Chelsea less safe, because hydrants are harder to see at night. The simple solution to this problem is to paint the hydrants yellow, but this will cost some money. Since there is an estimated 250 fire hydrants in Chelsea, and painting each hydrant costs about $114.07 and that multiplied by 250 equals $28,517.05 that will be funded by a concert. If the people of Chelsea can do this, than it will leave a safer, better community for more generations to
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