Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

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Chemical engineers are often defined as people who refine oil but this have change. Chemical engineering ranges from pharmaceutical to petrochemical industry, which is the main reason I choose it as it leaves me with wide option of careers once I graduate. Chemical engineer always have these question in mind “how do we make it more efficient, durable and environmentally friendly?” and living in developing country where our air is polluted, children die from malnutrition and fishes die from factory waste, sparked my interest in chemical engineering to improve the situation in my hometown.
Chemical engineering requires individual to be strong in both mathematics and chemistry. It also requires student to be able to think out of the box and think of alternative solution. My ability and deep interest in the subject can be seen from the various competition I took part in. In 2014, I took part in Science UNSW where I attained distinction (top 8% nationwide) and Singapore and ASEAN Mathematical Olympiad where I awarded silver; gold the following year. I also took part in Asia International Mathematical Olympiad in 2014 where I was awarded bronze. Just recently, I manage to attain bronze in C3L6. In these competitions, I learn about problem solving, critical thinking and tackling problem that I never see before. My mathematical and chemical abilities will serve as a firm foundation for my development as chemical engineer. Math allows engineers to break down large problems into

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