Chemistry : Chemistry Of Tequila Essay

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Kristal Ramos
Mr Comi
Period. 4
11/28/16 Chemistry of tequila

Tequila is one of the most famous alcoholic drink for mexicans, most of the time tequila is drank in special occasions like holidays birthdays etc, you may be thinking why i chose this topic, well i chose this topic because it seems like a very interesting topic to discuss and write about and most of my families are always drinking it and i think to myself, what is actually inside of tequila? Is it dangerous? Is it healthy? Why does it make you feel so woozy after you drink it? These questions will be answered further in this essay so stayed tuned. Cazadores, el jimador, milagro, 1800, patron, don julio, and much more, those tequilas might be mexicans most famous tequilas ever made. Ask a mexican what Tequila is the best tequila they 've ever drank they will most likely name one of these. Let 's say Don Julio for example, it was created by a man whose name was Don Julio Gonzalez you may think his life was defined by drinking but actually it was passion, according to the company 's website. Passion is extremely big in tequila business. Don julio claims to be the the world 's first luxury tequila. That is why i am going to be talking about it the most. Let 's get started. Don julio tequila is produced in the highlands of jalisco. Each bottle of don julio tequila is made from handpicked,100% pure blue weber agave plants

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