Chemistry Personal Statement

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The Chemistry Program?s commitment to a liberal arts education greatly influenced my decision to transfer to Cornell University. I have always had an intense fascination with chemistry, and plan to make it my major. My attraction to chemistry started at an early age, driven by my curiosity to understand ?how things work,? whether it was examining the marine-life in the local pond with my microscope, or reading about the chemical composition of the stars. Exploring my environment has always been the thing I loved most, I call it, IAT - investigating, analyzing, and tinkering. I know the College of Arts & Sciences is the best environment to cultivate my intellectual interest. It has the right balance of interdisciplinary courses, such as "Philosophy of Science: Scientific…show more content…
talents and intellectual growth as no other institution of higher learning. The opportunities for summer research, crosses-institutional initiatives, and study abroad are the other reasons Cornell is the perfect environment to gain valuable experience and training as a scientist. My experience as a volunteer at a summer camp for dyslexic eighth graders first piqued my curiosity about the radical variance in strengths and weaknesses found in dyslexics. Although the students struggled with the simplest text, most were extraordinarily gifted in the sciences. Being dyslexic, combined with my interest in Chemistry led to my investigation of the current research on possible pharmaceutical solutions to the dyslexia paradox. Scientists are examining the effects Atomoxetine, a medicine prescribed for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder has on dyslexia, which often is a comorbidity disorder. Presently, an atomoxetine intervention cannot be expected to go beyond its having a stabilizing effect on dyslexics. However, I imagine the potential advancements
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