Chewing Gum Essay

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The chewing motion of chewing gum gets your blood flowing to the head, which helps with your memory and concentration. If you chew gum before taking a test then it will give you the advantage to memorize and concentrate. Also, if you chew gum while taking a test then it will help you concentrate on taking the test. And it can improve your skills on concentrating while doing a test. It is stated on this website by a researcher “I do not know how things would work when you’re testing something learned days or weeks ago, but given the study’s findings, I can speculate that if both working memory, episodic memory and general speed of information-processing benefit from gum-chewing, so would many testing situations which presumably rely extensively on those mental capacities ,” (Welsh- by study researcher Serge Onyper, of St. Lawrence University, in Canton, NY). Also, researchers tested 220 undergraduates from St. Lawrence University. …show more content…

One chewed before and during the test. Another chewed five minutes before taking the test. And the third person didn’t chew any gum. The researchers gave them a test to see how well their brain power is. From doing this they found out that chewing gum helped the undergraduates concentrate and even memorize the test better. Chewing gum is known for boosting your heart and blood rate. It sends more blood to your brain for about 15-20 minutes. The only problem is chewing gum for a long period of time while taking a test won’t help you ask much as oppose to only 15-20 minutes. If chewing the gum for a long period of time while taking the test then you won’t be able to focus much on the test. You’ll be more focused on the gum rather than the test. This doesn’t mean that chewing gum doesn't help you concentrate just after a long period of time it will lose it’s

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