Chewing gum

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  • Speech On Chewing Gum

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    You know how gum commercials always boast that their product can give you a fresher, cleaner mouth, well, that’s not entirely a lie. But is chewing gum good for your teeth? When we eat, little bits of food get stuck between our teeth or behind those permanent retainers that a lot of people have these days. If that food gets to hang out long enough, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. That bacteria can lead to cavities and infections, and really, isn’t an infection in the main hole in your

  • The Benefits of Gum Chewing

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    trying to lose weight, suffer from oral health problems or digestive problems? Simply chewing a piece of gum can help solve any of these issues. For example, everyone experiences stress at some point in their life. Whether its from school, work, relationships or life in general. Studies have proven that chewing gum can help relieve stress from someone who is experiencing either acute or chronic stress.”Chewing gum leads to reduced stress and anxiety, and can elevate mood, improve concentration and

  • Chewing Gum Should Be Allowed In School

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    you been asked to spit out your gum in class? Countless, I bet. Most teachers at Episcopal abide by the policy that gum chewing in class is not allowed. They say it's inconsiderate. They say it’s distracting. They say it has no place in the classroom. These teachers, however, are overlooking the countless benefits of gum chewing. Chewing gum in class can help students stay focused, can help students stay active, and can help students perform better overall. Banning gum in school more often than not

  • The Sticky Situation of Chewing Gum in School

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    to chew gum in school? I think we should be allowed to because it helps with focusing on so many things. Research shows that chewing gum in school can help you concentrate, and remember things better. So many people say it shouldn’t be allowed in schools because of irresponsible students. They are scared that they will dispose the gum in the wrong places. The delicious treat that many people like to chew on is a great thing for schools everywhere! Students should be allowed to chew gum in school

  • The Benefits Of Gum Chewing

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    Gum chewing, something most of us have done in our everyday lives, might have more uses than just keeping your oral hygiene. Gum chewing has been shown to improve our attention and recollection of memories when chewed right before an exam. Various studies have shown that chewing gum increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which then sends more blood to your brain but what remains unknown is whether gum-chewing truly impacts the exams scores. The study done by the HSCI class aims to prove that

  • Does Chewing Gum Make Kids Smarter?

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    Bubba are all amazing gum brands that kids, Adults, and elders love to chew on. There is just one problem, most kids and some adults spend most of their time in school where they are not able to chew gum therefore, I would like to change that rule. If there could be one rule that I could change in society I would change the rule for no chewing gum in school. Of course there are a bunch of reasons for my disagreement. One of them is that teachers don't understand that chewing gum makes kids smarter.

  • Chewing Gum Essay

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    The chewing motion of chewing gum gets your blood flowing to the head, which helps with your memory and concentration. If you chew gum before taking a test then it will give you the advantage to memorize and concentrate. Also, if you chew gum while taking a test then it will help you concentrate on taking the test. And it can improve your skills on concentrating while doing a test. It is stated on this website by a researcher “I do not know how things would work when you’re testing something learned

  • Chewing Gum Research Papers

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    Chewing gum helps your breath? What do you know about chewing gum? How does chewing gum can help your breath? Many people in the world have enjoyed the benefit of gum. Chewing gum is not just sweet only, but chewing gum has many kinds of flavors, including spearmint, strawberry, blueberry, etc. People chewing gum for different reasons, for instance, reduce their stress, makes their breath fresh, snacking, or other reason. Also, chewing gum can help stimulate the production of saliva, another reason

  • The Benefits Of Chewing Gum In School

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    Hanna M. Chewing Gum in School Chewing gum in school is a heated issue because many people think it is rude and messy. Others argue it can help students focus, improve memory when taking tests, and relax while doing schoolwork or a test. But the negative argument is misguided because the mess wouldn’t happen if students were allowed to have gum, and therefore throw it away without feeling guilty. Still, the actual question that should be debated is what the benefits of chewing gum in school are

  • Chewing Gum Helps You Concentrate

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    Does chewing gum help you concentrate? Savannah Kiefer May 24, 2016 Table of Contents Page 1: Table of Contents Page 2: Abstract Pages 2 : Introduction Pages 3-4 : Procedure Page 4: Results Page 5: Conclusion Page 6: Works Cited Abstract In my experiment I will find out if chewing gum helps you concentrate. I have recorded my results in the following report. You may be shocked about what the results may say. I hope that my report gets you wondering what