Chewy Make Rigid Essay

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Chewy Make Rigid

A : Aunty, I want to buy dumplings.
B : How Much?
A : 5 thousand rupiah.
B : Some potato?
A : No.

(Give the dumplings, and then A back home)
(Arriving at the House, A feel stomachache)

C : Are You Okay?
A : I got a stomachache, Mom!
C : What’s wrong with your stomatch? What did you eat before?

(A shaking, does not recognize)

C : Honestly!
A : Last finished eating the dumplings.
C : What! dumplings?
D : Supple and extremely enthused by all people, ranging from young children to adults. Dumplings comes from Indonesian, So = Menunjukkan and May = Boleh. So, here when you eat dumplings, you should show the expression of what you feel. Starting from poisoning or a stomachache? Yes this is investigative reporting today's episode.

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After one month of income earned passable. The materials I use the results of the market such as rice flour, tapioca flour expired, pumpkin rotten, rotten anchovies, and others. To preserve the color is good and let us Karih borax, textile dyes. Continue to be sold once made dumplings sold 300 thousand rupiah was only a day, if 1 month to 9 million, is not tolerable. Yes I know this is not true but ya how to anymore. My wife child want to eat where.
D : Yes, that's in fact a lot of elements who could enter dangerous substances, Still curious? We will reveal their face-veil.
D : Viewers, not just alone but are special dumplings in peanut sauce. Is it safe peanut sauce often we eat? Following its investigation.
E : Originally Just for fun aja, tried-tried materials is the most inexpensive beans, usually does it discharges a seller's market, it cabainya disposable consumables bad things price is too cheap to hilangin dried cabainya smell first. Then I'll make good color on you for the same textile dyes little borax let it
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