Chicano Movement Essay

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The Chicano Movement was the Civil Rights Movement for Mexicans that took place in the mid 1960s. Chicano meaning sons and daughters of Mexican immigrants. The Chicano movement had several goals, including rights for field workers, better education for Mexicans and empowerment of Mexicans. The movement was rooted in Los Angeles. In the movement, were different groups to tackle down different goals. The famous activist, Cesar Chavez led one of the groups to fight for field worker rights, which participated in boycotts and protests. Not only did the Chicano Movement fight for rights, but it also raised awareness of Mexican history and discrimination of the race. From the movement was born the activist group La Raza, who fought for better …show more content…

In addition, WARN also confronted issues women and children faced. (Britannica 1) Activism has fought for gender equality in America. The woman suffrage movement gave the opportunity of gender equality in America. It began in the 1850s but was lost focused of until after the Civil War ended. The movement was formed by women activist and some men too. The movement’s goal was to gain equality of gender, that women would be able to vote, gain the same responsibilities that came with citizenship and end woman suffrage. The movement included parades, speeches, protests. Many people disagreed that women should have rights to vote and be a full citizen so there were many arguments. The Women’s Movement accomplish to win the right to vote as a women. FRom the movement, new women cafe, newspapers, and bookstores were opened. Not only that but, clinics and refuge for women and help for those in the presence of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Activism is the also the reason for different sexual orientations to have the rights and heterosexuals. The LGBT group is a highly known group that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. The LGBT Movement began in the 1940s and the society was founded by George Cecil Ives. The group is still active today. Many people participate or advocate the LGBT movement, because they deserve to have that recognition and it is not a rare thing to know someone who is in the community of LGBT so it is personal. The goals of

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