Chicacano Culture Essay

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Discrimination has been the brawn of injustices done to people of color. Most don't know of the Chicano struggle in the United Stated for the past four to six generations. Chicanos in America were forced to face chaos, poverty, and pain. Chicano, by Richard Vasquez is a perfect example of how Mexican Americans and Chicanos were treated in America during the 90's. Although Chicanos faced a burdensome life in America, lots of customs and culture immigrated to America with them, which has fabricated the Chicano Culture. The book Chicano profoundly demonstrates how hard it was for a Mexican family to immigrate to America. Once Chicanos started a life in America, it was very hard to get out of it. Mexicans were not socially accepted because…show more content…
Again, the story shows lots of examples in how the Sandoval family had to go through many discriminating acts. At the end of the Story Mariana, daughter of Pete, Granddaughter of Neftali falls in love with an Anglo Rich boy who never learned to accept Mariana because she was Mexican. Society has characterized Mexican Americans as unintelligent, dirty, and lazy people, therefor seeing an Anglo male with a Mexican girl was not common, and even if one did not think that at the time, Anglos were still embarrassed to be seen interacting with Mexicans, which could potentially degrade their name. Marianas Boyfriend David makes Mariana get an abortion on chapter seven, promising her a future; even though, Striver was planning on leaving Mariana after the abortion and planned to start a new life. This part of the story is absolutely saddening because Mariana died, thinking Stiver loved her, and was going to have a future with her. Mariana is not one only unfortunate girl who had this happen to her, but a Mexican woman during this era was only seen for maids, prostitutes, factory/field workers, or simply nothing. This shows the indifference Mexican American woman had to face, which was much different that Anglo woman. Similarly, the book also carries a strong message that shows how strong Mexican Americans were during this time era. The story had many devastating parts, but many really show how
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