Child Abuse: Children's Mental And Physical Development

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Child Abuse
Defining the problem Child abuse can be describes as “neglect followed by physical and sexual abuse” (2). Abuse affects everyone involved. “Child may be affected when they witness domestic violence, regardless of whether or not they are directly abused” (1). Child abuse has become more largely acknowledged as a common occurrence in homes around the world. Child abuse can inhibit children’s mental and physical development, which can affect the rest of their lives.
Discuss causes One of the many causes of child abuse is neglect. Neglect is not necessarily abuse because the parent is not directly harming the child, but neglect can easily lead to abuse. In many cases “neglect [is] followed by physical and sexual abuse” (2). …show more content…

One of which is a “decreased age of onset sexial acctivity” for victims of sexual abuse which can cause an increased risk for sexualy transmitted diseases such as herpes and gonorrhea. One symptom of a child who is being abused is “injur[ies] that cannot be explained”, such as bruises that randomly appear (2). Victims of child abuse also exhibit an increased number of nightmares and behaviors such as flinching when touched and other nervous behavior (2). One light at the end of the dark tunnel is social support. Social support can help a child by “mediating and moderating some long-term consequences” of abuse and neglect (4). If a child does not receive social support from an outside source, children are more likely to develop “emotional and behavioral issues in the future” (1). Some of the emotional or behavioral issues are developing anxiety disorders, depression and turning to illicit drugs to cope since they were not able to talk and maybe understand why the abuse …show more content…

A child protective agency could be beneficial to children who feel they have no other option but are determined to get out of their home. These agencies can provide a temporary, or permanent, if needed, home for their children who need to get out of their homes due to abuse or neglect (2). One problem with a child protective agency is overcrowding in homes and family members being separated due to the amount of space available in homes open to foster parents. Although sometimes child protective agencies aren’t always beneficial children, sometimes they lead to potential homes for the children. Foster homes can also lead to adoption for children who are not being properly cared for in their homes. The most effective way to end child abuse is to get out of the homes the child lives

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