Child Abuse Is A Worldwide Problem

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Child abuse is a worldwide problem needing to be solved. It is seen in powerful pieces of fiction that through themes and actions, it is possible to highlight the wrong in society and therefore can draw action towards the cause. The Bone People is largely based on the family dynamics of the New Zealand people and a large subsection of this family life is focused on the abuse the child, Simon, receives from his father, Joe. The violence in The Bone People by Keri Hulme demonstrates the violent history of child abuse in New Zealand and more specifically, the greater risk of child abuse stemming from the Maori culture. With violence being a central theme of the novel, the author is able to state a claim that speaks out against child abuse.
In the novel, we have three main characters: Kerewin Holmes, Joe Gillayley, and Simon Gillayley. Simon is the child, and while we do not know his exact age, he is guessed to be fairly young around the age or ten or eleven. Coming to us as he washes ashore from a shipwreck, Simon’s history is not initially clear and the audience is left to guess his origins. He is mute and often those around him mistake his muteness for stupidity which causes Simon to act out in anger. With a lack of regard for others personal property, Simon also has a tendency to explore places and the homes of others where he may not belong.
An older Maori man, Joe, takes Simon in and raises him as his own son after finding him on the shore after the shipwreck. At the

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