Child Abuse

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Child Abuse Child abuse is any form of maltreatment to a child or children and could either be physical, emotional, or sexual. It can also be described as an act or failure to act by a parent or caretaker which results to harm of the child. There are four major forms of child abuse, Physical, abuse which is the infliction of serious injuries or actions that may lead to infliction of injuries or death. Sexual abuse is a situation where an adult engages in sex with a child. Emotional abuse, is the psychological torture of a child by an adult and child neglect, which is failure of a parent or caretaker to execute his or her …show more content…

Child abuse is also associated with impaired brain development where in some cases it causes important parts of the brain to fail to form or grow. These alterations of the brain in turn have hindered language and academic abilities. Poor physical health is also a general characteristic among many victims of child abuse. Behavioral consequences of child abuse are also evident in many victims where most of them end up being juvenile delinquencies and adult criminals on maturation (Bass, 331). Most of the victims also turn to alcohol and drug abuse as a way of easing their stress and end up being addicts of the same. Some scholars also argue that most victims of child abuse tend to carry on the abusive behavior and use it on their own children. This has been confirmed by a recent survey done that showed about 50% of parents who abused their children were also abused. Apart from these direct effects to the victim there are also other indirect effects which either affect the family involved, the community or the country at large. Some of these effects include breakage of family ties where the parents separate leaving the children in a dilemma (Bass, 207). Regular quarrels are also common in

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