Child Abuse : The Cause And Effects

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Child Abuse: The Cause and Effects That Lead to Homelessness
Child abuse, when hearing the word the first thing that comes to mind is a negative and horrific image. Our faces cringes and our hearts fill with sorrow, but what exactly is child abuse? well according to the state of Ohio Child Abuse is the abuse that represents an action against a child. It is an act of commission, generally abuse is categorized as follows: Physical abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse, and Emotional abuse.
According to the definition, there seems to be a different types of abuse with different meanings. There is a great number of child abuse in the states today. The Administration for children and families states that the national rate of child fatalities are 2.04
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Which is usually due to not knowing where to go or whom trust. She was not able to disclose any cases for me in regards to confidentiality. Sherrie did advised me that although there are many children who do suffer abuse and runaway from home will find a safe haven which is usually a organization privately owned or a funded government agency.
A non profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio which was Founded by James N. Gamble of Procter & Gamble in 1924, City Gospel Mission helps the homeless and hurting break the cycle of poverty and despair, as their motto quotes “one life at a time.” They have made it their lives mission to make sure that they will end poverty and homelessness in the greater Cincinnati community. City Gospel Mission has Help over thousands of people here in the tristate get back to a normal life from drugs, poverty, homeliness and incarceration. I have had the pleasure of talking with Carol Posthuma who is in charge of the Jobs plus department in helping ex convicts find employment after they have been released from prison. She shares that not only does City Gospel help to recover lives from certain situations but they help on a spiritual level. Carol advised that they are not the only organization that helps adults and children from homelessness. Private small organizations and churches come together and take part as well.
Physical abuse can start from an early age, and the government
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