Child Care Is The Better Option For A Child 's Development

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There comes a point in every working parent’s life when a decision has to be made concerning the welfare of their children. Do they send their children to daycare or keep them in a home care environment with a family or with a family member. In past years, home care was the better option for a child’s development. Child care centers were just a place where a child was left and watched for the day. In recent years, the roles of child care centers have changed. Care Center employees become caregivers and are now able to teach much need skills in learning and social readiness. Child care center provide educational programs that develop cognitive, language, social, and emotional skills as well as promotes school readiness for children from infancy to pre-school age. A lack of an early in education could have a negative effect on academic success. Child care centers provide children an early advantaged necessary to achieve success. Although in the beginning, child care centers were perceived to hinder child development over home based care, that judgment is wrongfully misplaced; because, child care center enhance cognitive, language, social and emotional development having a positive effect on school readiness for all children.
Child care centers provide a distinct advantage over children in home care environments in regards to cognitive and language development. Cognitive and language skills are two key factors that impact children’s ability to learn and communicate, important…
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