Child Is Born With Down Syndrome

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A baby is defined as viable when he/she is capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb and is able to develop independently. As described on page 70 in the textbook, a small percentage of babies become viable around 23 weeks. However, it is very difficult for all the newborn’s organs to become fully self-sufficient outside of the womb at this stage. A newborn that is born at 23 weeks is more likely to struggle with respiratory function and have underdeveloped brain structures as they must further develop outside the safety and support of the womb. Therefore, on average, true viability is reached at 24 weeks with further development and increased survival odds. 2. If a child is born with Down syndrome, what kind of condition do they have? Genetically speaking, why does the child have Down syndrome? What are two challenges that the child has a higher risk of? (3 points) A child that is born with Down syndrome has a condition called trisomy 21. The term trisomy is described as the chromosomal error that results in a specific chromosome to have three copies. Therefore, in a case of Down syndrome, there are three copies of chromosome 21 in their DNA. A child with Down syndrome has a higher risk of hearing loss, heart abnormalities, and hypothyroidism. 3. What are 3 things that impact the wellbeing of the baby that the mother can do before the child is born? What are potential outcomes of these activities? (3 points) The choices that a mother make while pregnant can greatly

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