Child Neglect In The United States

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Failure as a parent or caretaker to provide the essential needs of a child is considered as child neglect and can result in psychological, emotional, and in some cases educational harm. When this happens, children are highly likely to experience reduced mental functioning that could cause the child's life to be dysfunctional. For example, a child left at home for a long period of time alone without food and the proper supervision, would be neglect. In some cases a child become critically ill and still yet the parent refuse to take the child to the hospital is another example of medical neglect.

Page Break Child Abuse in the United States Through research, neglect is considered the far most common form of child mistreatment in the United States. (Child Neglect Criminal Law, 2012), provides different percentages of types of abuse and they are 78.3% of child maltreatment victims suffered neglect, 18.3% suffered physical abuse, and 9.3% suffered sexually abuse. In 2012, the United States reported that over 2,200 children died of abuse and neglect, and majority of them died because of neglect. Over a period of time, those that survived tend develop attention and language …show more content…

In order to help those in need, the forms of mistreatment must be first understood in order to make an accurate report. What are some of the different forms of child neglect? In this presentation, the different forms of child neglect discussed are the educational neglect, medical neglect, and emotional neglect experiences. For starters, educational neglect transpires when the caregiver or parent does not enroll the child in school nor encourages the child to attend school. This type of neglect is happening amongst poor families who may prefer the child to work to assist in bringing more income into the home instead of attending school. Denying children of receiving a good education does not only hurt them, but their future

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