Child Neglect Is An Unfortunate Reality For Children

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Parents play an imperative role in the lives of their children. It’s widely recognized that the first few years of a child’s experiences are essential to his or her personality and behavioral development. The most critical integral aspect in this regard is the child’s relationship with his or her parents in the formative years. However, that is not always the case. Neglect-the maltreatment related to the failure to provide needed, age-appropriate care-has a power capability of comprising a child’s development.
Child neglect is an unfortunate reality for children in our community. In addition, not only does it negatively impact the child, its repercussions affect people around them such as their family, the school community, and even …show more content…

In addition, at least 14.3 percent of victims encountered other types of maltreatment, including abandonment, threats and congenital drug addiction (Office on Child Abuse). In fact, most parents don 't abandon their children on purpose due to the fact that they were abused or neglected themselves. On the contrary, younger, inexperienced parents are oblivious on how to take care of their babies or what unaware of what to expect from children at different stages of development: “Circumstances that place families under extraordinary stress—for instance, poverty, divorce, sickness, disability—sometimes take their toll in the maltreatment of children” (Stirling).
One of the greater essential components that affect child development is the relationship of the child with his or her primary caregiver. This is a principle of developmental psychology known as attachment theory. In a TedMed talk conducted by Nadine B. Harris, infants and toddlers infants are more likely to experience insecure or disorganized attachment problems with their parents or primary caregiver after experiences of neglect, frightening, life-threatening situations or unresolved trauma (Harris). Patterns of child-caregiver attachment are extremely important for a child 's early emotional and social development. For instances relationships with an insecure attachment, the caregiver, who should be the immediate source of safety, protection and comfort, converts to a source of danger or harm

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