Level 3 Types Of Child Abuse Essay

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The (NSPCC, 2017) describe child abuse as ‘any action by another person- adult or child- that causes significant harm to a child’. They further state that it can be physical, sexual or emotional, or can just as often be neglect, such as a lack of love, care and/ or attention. The different types of child abuse are; domestic, sexual, physical, emotional, neglect, female genital mutilation, bullying and cyberbullying, child sexual exploitation and grooming, child trafficking, mental and harmful sexual behaviour (NSPCC, 2017).
Neglect is the most common type of child abuse and it is believed that one in every ten children have experienced neglect (NSPCC, 2017). However, it is difficult to know exactly how many are neglected or abused, as not
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(The children Act, 1989) has three main principles; The welfare of the child is paramount, this means that despite what the Act may also say about keeping families together and other aspects, it is vital that the child is put as the primary priority and that their welfare is of high importance, delay is likely to prejudice the welfare of the child and the court shall not make an order unless to do so would be better for the child than making no order. (The children Act, 2004) was put in place as a stronger version of the 1989 Act. Several aspects were added to this Act to further ensure that the welfare of the child was prioritised. This act introduced principles such as; wherever possible, children should be brought up and cared for within their own families, parents with children in need should be helped to bring up their children themselves. They also state further principles in mind for the care and support of children, which include; to allow children to be healthy, allowing children to remain safe in their environments, helping children to enjoy life, assist children in their quest to succeed and help to achieve economic stability for our children’s
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