Child Observation: Child and Adolescent Psychology Essay

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Laura Taylor
Paul Kincs
Child and Adolescent Psych
26 April 2010
Child Observation

This time, I decided to observe children between the ages of five and six in a kindergarten class room at Maddock Public School. Maddock is a smaller school and there were only five children in the class, all of them were boys. I knew this would be an interesting day, because we learned in class that boys tend to be a little bit more active and disobedient, but I was definitely looking forward to it. I went in about fifteen minutes before the school day started so I could observe the boys from the time their mom dropped them off, until the time I left. The first boy came in; he was a smaller boy, who is known to have special needs. I’m not exactly
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About five minutes later, it seemed as though they had completely forgotten that it had even happened. The bell rung and the boys went and say down in their seats. While Mrs. Maddock was trying to talk to them a couple of them were listening to her, but the others were playing with their pencils and animal-shaped erasers. She would pause mid-sentence and look at them until they realized that she wanted them to stop. They would then slowly put their items down, and give her their undivided attention. She asked them to all sit by the calendar, and they all jumped up and ran to it, trying to get the closest spot. Their pictures were on the wall. One was by the weather station, the other by the line leader station, and so on. They each had their own little duty for that day. The one whose picture was by the weather stood up and told the rest of the class what the weather was supposed to be like that day. Mrs. Maddock had pictures with thunder clouds and lighting and rain. With those pictures, the little boy told them all that the weather was going to be bad, and it was going to storm. All of a sudden, one of the boys passed gas, and the room went from being quiet to loud in less than a second. All the boys started making farting noises and couldn’t stop giggling. Mrs. Maddock went along with it for about a minute or so, and made the little boy who passed gas say “excuse me.” They had finally gotten over it, and seemed as though they’d forgotten it. It’s pretty
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