Child Soldiers Movie Analysis

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The movie preview appeals to the emotional part of the audience through featuring scenes that the audiences are bound to find sad. The movie preview features different scenes where child soldiers are highlighted, thus showing integral parts of the film and highlighting the theme of the film. For instance, one of the scenes is featured 15 years, later on, the former child soldier; Kane is now a grown man. Things have not changed that much for him and he still lives in the forest. But this time around he is not a defenseless child; he is a leader with an army of soldiers who are rebels like him. They are all people in the community who feel that the new government is not rightful and wish to overthrow it. This scene is less sad, though they live in the forests, the soldiers are seen dancing, drinking and enjoying the company of women who support their cause. The soldiers are not learned, and from time to time they keep getting into fights with each other and Kane is forced to come and break them up.
The film also features a logical approach that results in the revelation of various themes in the film. There are different themes that are bound to be explored in the movie preview, including the theme of leadership. Kane is shown as a strong respectable leader, although he lives on the outside of the community his wishes are for the people of his country to get proper freedom and live in harmony. Kane feels that the government is oppressing the people and it is up to him and his

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